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T Over T

"Fashion trends come and go but comfort — like our fabric, lasts forever. No matter how many fashion bloggers tell you otherwise, deep down you know just how much you appreciate comfortable fashion. To cater to your guilty pleasure, I created T Over T. I, Hatoon Kamal, designed this brand out my passion and experience in graphic design. I started designing this brand just for fun in 2018. Experimenting with different textures and illustrations and sharing them with my close family and friends. The feedback that I received from my support system encouraged me to develop these designs into something more. This was the beginning of T Over T. Besides the aim in normalizing comfortable contemporary fashion, this brand aims to enable the youth and encourage them to embrace their Arabic culture. With the current globalization situation, it’s easy to imitate other cultures and let go of our own. That’s why these Arabic patterns and trendy sayings were specifically chosen to connect with the youth through the slang phrases they use nowadays. —Reminding them to remain rooted to their identity. All t-shirts were created with fabric that’s neatly finished and handcrafted with articulate care to promote comfort through contemporary fashion. "

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