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Mini Gym Set

Mini Gym Set

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In case you'd like to keep it minimal... The combination of the BLACKROLL® MINI FLOW and the BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND as a MINI GYM is perfect for a basic but effective training session. The LOOP BAND is ideal to activate and train smaller muscle chains. It helps to get better body awareness and can reduce the risk of injuries. This comfortable fabric training band offers all benefits of a rubber band but will last longer. The green LOOP BAND is our medium resistance solution. The MINI FLOW is the revolutionary development of a well-proven regenerative tool for self-massage. The surface is structured in a way, that a gentle massage in one rolling direction works in alteration with an active stimulation over a hard edge, in the other direction.

The MINI GYM is our smallest set combination but it still offers a large variety of exercises. The enclosed exercise card and the BLACKROLL APP can assist with exercise programming.

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