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Organic Pillow Spray

Organic Pillow Spray

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Organic Pillow Spray infused with 100% pure essential oils for a comfortable and long-lasting fragrance lock, up to 8 hours. The only brand with scientifically researched and certified formulations that help increase melatonin levels by twice as much.

Good Night : Indulge in a night of complete relaxation with a pillow spray infused with lavender and rosemary. This blend will help you sleep comfortably, reduce stress, refresh your senses, and minimize disruptions during sleep. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and lively in the morning.

Deep Sleep : sleep with a pillow spray that incorporates a blend of chamomile. This helps to relax tension, reduce stress, and promote a calm mind, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly.

spray 1-2 times on the pillow can be sprayed to adjust the air condition in the bedroom

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