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Madas Beach



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Pinktastic Women's Beach Slipper is perfect for lovers of bright colors and elegance on the beach. Designed with attractive design and high quality to provide comfort and elegance while you are strolling on the beach. Comfortable and lightweight, it's perfect for everyday use at the beach.

·         Material: Polymer material

·         Distinctive design with bright colors

·         Marine tread is made of high-quality materials that do not emit unpleasant odors.

·         Comfortable and lightweight

·         Made of high-quality materials

·         Provides strength and support to the feet.

·         Slip resistant to ensure stability on soft sand.

·         Maximum comfort for your feet all day long, thanks to the innovative Ultra Ride technology

Choose Pinktastic tread for a stylish look and superior comfort while you enjoy the sunshine and blue waters at the beach.


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