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Collection: Hod Paris


We love the delicious feeling our pants can make you feel cool and good at the same time. Above all, we believe in a simple value called quality; that of materials like that of manufacturing processes, trying to respect nature as much as possible.

Each of our models was imagined and developed in our style office and we are proud to defend the label:  Developed in Paris

Hod, our young brand born in Paris in 2015, combines casual wear that is comfortable to wear with a hidden desire for sophistication.

We use very high-quality fabrics and materials, loving to play with discreet details on all our models. At each stage of creation and development we want to achieve the best without any other idea than the pleasure of doing well, because that is how we see things. We are passionate about our customers and not what they are looking for. Always attentive to fashion and sensitive to fair prices.