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The story began in the holy city of Mecca, the of heart of the Hejaz trading and cultural hub, when Sheikh Mohammed Hassan Farsi founded Farsi Jewelry in 1907. The business soon became one of the region's pioneer jewelry crafting and trading houses. Years later, Mohammed Ali, the son, inherited the business and became the first "Dean of Jewelers of Mecca". A generation later Jamil, the grandson, expanded the business to Jeddah and has been appointed "Dean of Jewelers of Jeddah" since 1981. In 2010, Deema, Jamil's eldest daughter, created OVE; an exclusive new jewelry line inspired by her vision for the 21st-century man and woman. With the steadfast support of her visionary brother, Nasser, Deema has been enjoying crafting for her clients for over a decade. With their contemporary elegance and timeless style, these latest designs of OVE carry the three basic traits the family business abided by; Superb Quality, Artistic Craftsmanship, and Reasonable Prices.