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Standard Foam Roller (Standard Black)

Standard Foam Roller (Standard Black)

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The softie in extra long - for Pilates training

The classical MED is also available in a length of 45 cm. This is a top request from Pilates trainers and therapists who want to be able to offer their patients a larger support surface. The hardness and stability as well the broad range of applications of the MED in sports and therapy are exactly the same. With the MED 45, you can palpably increase your muscular elasticity and performance with little effort and simple exercises. With 20% lower hardness, the MED 45 foam roller allows a softer self-myofascial treatment – just the thing for gentle use in therapy, for example, for people with lower body weight or simply when you wish a less intensive massage.

  • Palpably increase and maintain muscular elasticity and performance
  • Regulate incorrect loading
  • Counteract postural damage
  • Prevent strain injuries in sports
  • Regenerate specific muscles
  • Release adhesions in the connective tissue (fascia)

Please note: We do not recommend doing balance exercises while standing on the MED 45. The BLACKROLL® MED 45 is recommended for body weight only up to 75 kg. Heavier people can reinforce the roller with two MINI foam roller.

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